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23 nov
This is the first exhibition of the collection of Helder Paraná Do Coutto, who ...
24 jan
In the last 35 years, Andrew Hart Adler has exhibited his paintings on both ...
16 mar
Cascais will once again be celebrating Environment Week, this year from 16 to 23 ...


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Espaço Memória – Teatro Experimental de Cascais (Memory Space - Cascais Experimental Theatre)

In 47 years, the Teatro Experimental de Cascais (Cascais Experimental Theatre) has presented more than a hundred pieces and its resume contains a prestigious list of collaborators from various fields: Carlos Paredes, Luís Pinto Coelho, Almada Negreiros, Júlio Resende, Natália Correia, Daniel Sampaio, Michel Giacometti, among many others.
Through the company, many famous names have stepped onto its stage: Amélia Rey Colaço, Mirita Casimiro, Eunice Muñoz, Carmen Dolores, Mário Viegas, in addition to the actors created and trained by the company: João Vasco, Santos Manuel, Zita Duarte and the professional youths that the TEC helped launch: António Feio, Alexandra Lencastre, Diogo Infante or José Wallenstein.
A long theatrical path that can be seen by visiting the Espaço-Memória Teatro Experimental de Cascais, located next to the Pão-de-Açucar supermarket. In this space, a former garage and warehouse, sometimes transformed into a concert hall, the company's history is told through photographs, librettos, texts, models of fascinating scenarios and mannequins dressed in costumes, props and other curiosities.

Contacts and Timetable
Morada: Av. Marechal Carmona, 104 | 2750-312 Cascais
Telefone: 214867933.
Visits by appointment.

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