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Espaço Memória – Teatro Experimental de Cascais (Memory Space - Cascais Experimental Theatre)

In 47 years, the Teatro Experimental de Cascais (Cascais Experimental Theatre) has presented more than a hundred pieces and its resume contains a prestigious list of collaborators from various fields: Carlos Paredes, Luís Pinto Coelho, Almada Negreiros, Júlio Resende, Natália Correia, Daniel Sampaio, Michel Giacometti, among many others.
Through the company, many famous names have stepped onto its stage: Amélia Rey Colaço, Mirita Casimiro, Eunice Muñoz, Carmen Dolores, Mário Viegas, in addition to the actors created and trained by the company: João Vasco, Santos Manuel, Zita Duarte and the professional youths that the TEC helped launch: António Feio, Alexandra Lencastre, Diogo Infante or José Wallenstein.
A long theatrical path that can be seen by visiting the Espaço-Memória Teatro Experimental de Cascais, located next to the Pão-de-Açucar supermarket. In this space, a former garage and warehouse, sometimes transformed into a concert hall, the company's history is told through photographs, librettos, texts, models of fascinating scenarios and mannequins dressed in costumes, props and other curiosities.

Contacts and Timetable
Morada: Av. Marechal Carmona, 104 | 2750-312 Cascais
Telefone: 214867933.
Visits by appointment.

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