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Morais Park

Nov to Mar8h30 - 17h45
April to Oct8h30 - 19h45


Rua Marquês de Pombal

The story of this park, located in the borough of Parede, dates back to the early 20th century. Domingos José de Morais, a wealthy industrial and owner of the factory "Portugal e Colónias", was the owner of the land, and had his home here. 

The actual Parque Morais (Morais Park) therefore descends from the traces of the formal garden of the house which was acquired by the Comissão de Iniciativas do Concelho de Cascais (Initiatives Commission of the Municipality of Cascais) and a group of individuals, in the 30s.

At that time, the park began to host the Associação de Beneficência e Socorros Amadeu Duarte (Amadeu Duarte Association of Charity and Aid), a First Aid Post and Bombeiros Voluntários de Cascais (Cascais  Volunteer Fire-fighters) - 6.ª Estação da Associação Humanitária e Recreativa Cascalense (6th Station of the Humanitarian and Recreational Association of Cascais).

Currently the space, also known as the "parque dos patinhos" ("Duckling Park"), is equipped with a children's playground (recently renovated), a pine grove with an area for picnics, a lake with domestic birds and a vast lawn. Once a month it hosts a flea market. With an extensive rose garden, perennials herbaceous and large trees, it is a unique place to relax and enjoy nature

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