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Quinta da Alagoa Urban Park

Rua Mário Henrique Leiria

It once belonged to the Society of Jesus, and was a Carcavelos wine production estate, but today it is a green remnant nucleus of the processes of recent urban growth and it is a fundamental collective facility of the borough of Carcavelos.

From the past, the border has remains of the original forest, raised in topiary boxwood along the ruins of the old buildings, as well as structural elements of the estate, including hydraulic parts for groundwater harvesting and storage and transportation to the surface. The lake that gives it its name is still fed the same way by the groundwater harvesting.

Widely sought out by the locals, it is a space where active and passive informal recreational is possible on the vast lawns, in the two playgrounds, tennis courts, in the areas surrounding the lake and in an even more nostalgic manner, next to the older architectural elements.


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