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This course of Portuguese language for foreigners aims at developing the ...
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Quinta de Rana Urban Park

Nov. to Mar.8h30 - 17h45
April to Out8h30 - 19h45


Rua Feliciano Moreira
Quinta de Rana

The project is developed across two hectares including part of the old estate and an adjacent area to the east, probably a former agricultural area connected to the estate itself.
With a well differentiated character, the space inside the wall and inside the estate reflects a rigid spatial organisation based on the metric of the flowerbeds, retaining walls, elevated aqueducts, reservoirs and irrigation canals. The axes defined by the central drainage line, pathways which involve the flowerbeds and high walls are also structuring. In the adjacent area, the space is wide and without references that confer or condition a specific programme.

The design intends to develop and explore the intrinsic characteristics of the place, valuing heritage, historic references, water being the dominant element and with the alternating of a closed / open environmental space.

The proposal stands out for recovering, as much as possible, the historic and cultural heritage, and recreating, in a contemporary manner, structures that, although their use and function can be understood, have been destroyed and are unable to meet the objective that was once attributed to them.

The adjacent area will support the future school facility, and is assumed as a large open recreational space, including areas with meadows, lawns and a children's playground.
It also has a coffee shop so as to create a dynamic use and to support visitation, and which is needed to seduce and to arouse interest in the enjoyment of the natural spaces.
In both areas, the intervention is intended to be minimalist and value the structures for the conduction of water and its function. Using water as a unifying element of the space, covering it from the aqueducts and the complex system of gutters until it reaches a more naturalized line that feeds the water supply of the coffee shop.

Butterfly Zoo
Integrated into the location, there is also the Butterfly Zoo, a facility for guided or free tours, used as a place for the study of butterflies in their various stages of development, the preservation of species and environmental education. The space stands out visually because of its unique structure that refers visually to the image of a cocoon in the stage of metamorphosis. In this space, different species of Lepidoptera will coexist, coming from different regions of the country.
Lastly, note that this intervention is intended to be a unit, supported by the conceptual solutions adopted, in the rationalization of construction techniques and lastly, by the inert materials and selected vegetables.

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