Yellow Stone Base Camp Theme Park

Located on the southern slopes of Serra de Sintra (Sintra Mountain), in the municipality of Cascais, the Pedra Amarela Campo Base (Yellow Stone Base Camp) was been designed in accordance with the scout/guide spirit and is integrated on the centenary of the movement founded by Baden Powell. It is an international field open to all users who wish to benefit from its facilities and location.

With Pedra Amarela, the Câmara Municipal de Cascais (Municipal Council of Cascais) intends to promote the enjoyment of the natural and cultural heritage of Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais (Sintra-Cascais Natural Park). The field and its activities are designed according to the principle of sustainability while minimising environmental impacts.

This space is intended to have a minimal ecological footprint. In this sense, all users are asked to participate in an action of nature conservation that will fit and be appropriate to the ages and characteristics of the participants, to the programme and the activities chosen.

Activities| Pedra Amarela is called a "Base Camp" because it serves as a starting point for several activities within the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais (Sintra-Cascais Natural Park), adapted to all age ranges.

All activities are carried out with suitable equipment and under the guidance of a Camp monitor.

  Slide: Suspended adventure activity in which participants slide on a steel cable from one point to another, using safety equipment.
  Tree Climbing Track (canopy adventure): Obstacle course suspended from trees with different levels.
  Archery: Introduction to archery, with an explanation of the use of the equipment, and challenges are tailored to the characteristics of the participants.
  MTB: Bike rental, rides or obstacle courses.
  Rock Climbing: Consists of the climbing or crossing of rock formations with the goal of reaching the top or end of a pre-defined route. It is a physically and mentally demanding activity in which strength, endurance, agility and balance are tested together with the mind control and reflexes of each participant.
  Rappel: Controlled descent of rock formations with the aid of ropes. It is a technique used when a wall or formation is too steep or dangerous to descend without protection.
  Orienteering: Consists of achieving various routes mapped in various levels with the help of a map and a compass. This activity may have direct support from a guide.

  Camping | Pedra Amarela Campo Base (Yellow Stone Base Camp) allows up to 180 users to camp in the middle of the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais (Sintra-Cascais Natural Park) in a contained and safe area equipped with support infrastructures. Activities that fall into the scout / guide spirit, such as material for construction of a pioneering nature, council rock, among others.
  Events and activities | All types of events developed with partner or client entities:
       Schools| Activities in the scope of environmental education and the preservation of nature with the Parque Natural Sintra - Cascais (Sintra-Cascais Natural Park) being used as the set, nature as the classroom, interpretative trails, group dynamics, nature detectives, eco-challenge.
      Campo Sioux (Camp Sioux)| Leisure activities during school holidays, recreational activities, games, workshops (construction, cooking, painting, etc.), rock climbing, slide, MTB , etc.
      Companies| Team-building or group dynamics; development of skills; adventure activities; team challenges; nature events; environmental awareness.
      Associations | One-off leisure activities or within a closed system in accordance with programmes jointly established with the entity.
      Internships | Receives interns from several areas and different educational backgrounds, always with the purpose of giving training and sharing experiences. Secondary education, adventure activities, marketing, socio-cultural activities, sports, among others.

  Camp Rules | All users of the Pedra Amarela Campo Base (Yellow Stone Base Camp) must know and respect the Camp Rules (download document). This regulation is aimed at facilitating the organisation and management of the Camp to ensure a good coexistence between users and to guarantee their safety.


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