Yellow Stone Base Camp Theme Park

Camp Rules of the Pedra Amarela Campo Base (Yellow Stone Base Camp)

The Pedra Amarela Campo Base (Yellow Stone Base Camp) is located in Parque Natural Sintra - Cascais (Sintra-Cascais Natural Park), in an area belonging to the Partial Forestry System of Serra de Sintra (Sintra Mountain) which is why the restriction of access, circulation and stay are subject to the legislation in force. As it is a camp aimed primarily at children and young people, and inspired by the movement founded by Baden Powell, under the principles of showing respect for nature and civility, users must comply with a set of rules:

1. The instructions given by Camp officials and monitors regarding the use of space and equipment, must be obeyed.
2. Users and visitors should respect the public decorum in terms of speech, gestures and presentation. It is prohibited to walk around shirtless.
3. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited.
4. Due respect for national and association symbols must be shown, as well as the celebration of association or religious ceremonies.
5. Activities can only be carried out in the locations indicated for this purpose, and all these require a framework from a camp monitor.
6. Building a fire is prohibited unless expressly authorized by the Camp Management.  The building of fires is only permitted to make meals, in the equipment made available for that purpose and according to the instructions given by the Management, and in accordance with Chapter IV and V of the Decree-Law no. 124/2006 under the scope of the National Forest Defence System Against Fires.
7. The cutting, removal or pruning of any tree and/or shrub, or any activities involving the use of trees and/or shrubs as a support or to support equipment, infrastructures and/or games, inside or outside camping areas is prohibited without express authorization of the Management.
8. The circulation of light vehicles requires authorization from the Management and will be granted only for the purpose of loading and unloading goods and food. The maximum speed allowed is 10 km/hr. in any area of PACB and for any type of vehicle, including bicycles.



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