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23 nov
This is the first exhibition of the collection of Helder Paraná Do Coutto, who ...
24 jan
In the last 35 years, Andrew Hart Adler has exhibited his paintings on both ...
16 mar
Cascais will once again be celebrating Environment Week, this year from 16 to 23 ...


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SingularityU Portugal | Summit Cascais

08:30 am to 6:30 pm

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New Campus Carcavelos - Nova School of Business and Economics R. Holanda 1, Carcavelos

The SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais brings the world’s leading speakers and experts on exponentially accelerating technologies together with Portuguese leaders of today and tomorrow, giving us the knowledge and insight we need to compete — and win — in an exponentially changing world.
We’re encountering some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is already affecting every part of our lives; every business, every industry, every society — even what it means to be “human.” These changes show no signs of slowing down; in fact, they’re accelerating rapidly.
But the ever-increasing pace of change doesn’t just hold challenges – it holds opportunity. We are shifting from an economic model based on scarcity to one of abundance. What are the strategic implications? What kinds of policies do we need? What is the impact on our economy? What are the ethical considerations? None of the old rules apply.
Join us at the SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais — and be prepared for what lies ahead!

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