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Covid-19 pandemic | Cascais City Council measures

As part of the measures recommended by the Health General Directorate regarding this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cascais City Council has determined the following (last updated on 23rd march 2020):

Are you in voluntary isolation with children? Find our sugestions HERE -------


  • Exceptional measure for mandatory closures: City Council tax exemptions for use of maritime public domain until September 30, 2020.


  • With the exception of produce markets, which are conditioned to the current safety protocols, markets and fairs held within the municipality are suspended
  • Tires Market will only offer the produce marked. 
  • Restaurants, bars and similar type of establishments to close at midnight. Update on March 16: all bars and similar establishments are to close at 9pm. 
  • All kiosks, company groups, and food and drink establishments under the management of DNA Cascais are closed.


  • One-semester tax exemption for economic/tourist operators 
  • Emergency Fund of 5 Million Euros. Feasibility currently being assessed by the Finance Office of the Cascais City Council, in order to face current and future contingency measures 


  • Children of Special services staff HERE
  • School meals:
    • Kindergarten and 1st Cycle students (HERE): from March 17 (tbc) onwards, Cascais City Council will provide lunch to pupils in Tiers A and B of the school social support system, whose parents or guardians have previously declared their interest. 
    • This meal – soup, main course, fruit and milk - will be handed out in appropriate individual packages at the school or a nearby location and must be consumed outside school premises.
    • The meal is free for pupils in Tier A and costs 0,73 eur for pupils in Tier B.
  • Non-teaching staff
    • Operations staff: all kindergarten and 1st cycle schools must remain closed. Schools delivering school meals and school milk will open between 11am and 2pm. Depending on the number of meals to deliver 1-2 staff will be needed. In schools operating as Group HQ, their Directors will define the number of staff needed. However, this number cannot exceed 20% of the total number of staff in the Group.
    • Technical staff: Group Directors will define the number of staff needed, in respect of the government guidelines regarding essential services and government measures. The possibility of working from home should also be considered.
    • All training courses for Non Teaching Staff are postponed.


  • Garbage collection and cleaning of public spaces remain unchanged
  • As of March 16 collection of garden refuse and discarded objects collection is suspended
  • All sporting or leisure activities that require an agglomeration of people in beaches under the jurisdiction of the Cascais Harbourmaster are forbidden. The area extends from the Ponta of Foz (Sizandro river), in the Torres Vedras municipality, and the Tower of S. Julião da Barra (Carcavelos), in the Cascais Municipality. HERE
  • Pisão Farm
    • Road access to Pisão Farm is closed.
    • The Vegetable Patch of Pisão Farm is closed to the public. Produce will be forwarded to partners of the Social Support Network to supply needy families.
  • Public spaces and equipment to be disinfected and mechanically cleaned with a fungicide effective for 30 days – this includes trash bins, dumpsters, recycling areas, handrails, bus stops, and complements the the manual disinfection of buses already under way. HERE


  • Purchase of medical supplies: ventilators, gloves, masks, protective suits, disinfectant gel HERE
  • 1000 beds for quarantine purposes HERE
  • Set up of two by appointment-only diagnostic centres HERE
  • Mobilisation of hotels and other accommodation to support medical staff
  • Elaboration of statistical and mathematical models to accompany the evolution of the pandemic in the country and in the municipality.


  • Work from home: the municipality’s goal is that the largest possible number of its staff can work from home with 100% of its pay, and 100% of meal subsidy. This measure greatly diminishes the number of journeys to and from work for the next weeks. HERE
  • Staff meal rooms, canteens and bars:
    • Chairs should be spaced out every two meters.  
    • Meals should be offered as take-away.
  • For staff with essential jobs safety conditions will be reinforced.


  • All requests for permits, fines, tax execution procedures, administrative documents and other documents are delayed until after April 15. 


  • Priority in queues (supermarkets and others) for health professionals.
  • Closure of the Cascais airport and of the Cascais Marina. 
  • Closure of parking areas near beaches.
  • BusCas:
    • busCas Nova SBE and School busCas Malveira-Cascais are suspended until April 15.
    • busCas Carcavelos operating under a different timetable until April 15. 
    • Each bus is disinfected twice a day.
  • Cascais buses on municipal and inter-municipal routes HERE
    • Passengers must board the bus through the door at the back.
    • Drivers will have a protection area inside the buses
    • Passengers are exempt from displaying or purchasing tickets or passes
    • Disinfection of buses to be reinforced. 
  • MobiCascais: closure of Kiosks in Guia, Cascais train station, and Parque Marechal Carmona. 
  • Public transportation remains free for another two months.
  • Reduction of 30% in passenger capacity in each bus.
  • BiCas (Cascais bicycles) are suspended until further notice. 
  • Parking meter use suspended in the entire municipality until further notice HERE


  • With the exception of Cascais Center, all face-to-face municipal service offices will close immediately. The Cascais Center service office will work with closed doors, with a triage of requests occurring outside. 
  • All other human resources are channelled to online and telephone municipal assistance, signifying an increase in 150% of response resources in these platforms.
  • Linha Cascais will initially operate between 9am and 6pm. These hours can be extended to a 24/7 operation schedule in a subsequent phase.


  • Immediate closure of all municipal cultural and (covered) sports facilities (such as Abóbada Sports Complex, Cascais Dramático Pavilion and others
  • Immediate closure of children playgrounds, outdoor fitness parks, and outdoor sports parks, such as skate parks. 
  • Recommendation for closure of private gyms and sports facilities.
  • Drinking from public fountains is forbidden. 
  • Municipal public works are suspended until further notice HERE
  • Inspection of illegal construction and refurbishments will be reinforced


  • It is recommended that all private cultural and recreational activities, as well as rehearsals, be postponed until after April 15 (in consonance with the suspension of the events promoted by Cascais City Council).


  • Senior support hotline HERE
  • Social support for the homeless population HERE


  • All events (concerts, fairs, exhibitions and congresses) held in the municipality until April 15 are cancelled. 
  • The feasibility of events programmed for after April 15 are, as of now, under evaluation.
  • Tourism Offices work with doors closed, and reinforce online and telephone support. In person contact to occur in emergency situations only. HERE


  • Immediate cancellation of volunteering programs 





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