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Covid-19 pandemic | Cascais City Council measures

As part of the measures recommended by the Health General Directorate regarding this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cascais City Council has determined the following (last updated on 23rd march 2020):

 Voluntary isolation | Hello, this message os for adults, and especially for the children

If you are in voluntary isolation with children at home, here is a list of activities you can do without entering despaid:

  1. Follow school/kindergarten/nursery schedule and routines regarding meals, hygiene and nap time.
  2. Create a list of house chores – water the plants, fold clothes, wash kitchen utensils, put away toys, sweep the floors…
  3. Cook healthy meals together. Occasionally, bake a cake or biscuits for tea time.
  4. Create a family recipe book based on what you have cooked together.
  5. Create games – such as dominoes, memory cards, or child rawings) using ceral boxes and other recyclables.
  6. Read a story, a tale or a fable every day. Those who are older can discover Cascais in our Digital Memories Collection and our Virtual Tours in 360.
  7. Colour drawings made by older family members.
  8. Dance barefoot. Or copy popular choreographies from YouTube.
  9. Nap together.
  10. Watch cartoons, animal life documentaries or didactic films on TV… but never more than an hour per day.
  11. Cover a wall in a room with paper, hand out crayons and… let the child’s imagination flow.
  12. Play traditional boardgames such as Monopoly. Embrace dominoes or Mikado.
  13. Play pretend. Dress up in relatives clothes and recreate their jobs. Use purses, ties, make-up, uniforms…
  14. Get a scrap book going: record your thoughts, paste favourite images and photos, draw…
  15. Create Easter cards to send people – or to give to them when you next see them.
  16. Video-call your friends and relatives.
  17. Create an obstacle course, with pillows, bedsheets, tables and chairs. Run, jump, crawl through this course. And everyone’s a winner when creativity is the end game.
  18. Cuddles! Cuddles for everyone!

These are only a few examples.

Don’t forget: have fun together, stay busy, and respect moments of rest. And of boredom, irritation or impatience. These are also creativity’s greatest friends.

Soom Covid19 will be gone and we’ll be having fun outdoors again. 



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