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Covid-19 pandemic | Cascais City Council measures

As part of the measures recommended by the Health General Directorate regarding this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cascais City Council has determined the following (last updated on 23rd march 2020):


Largest possibls number of Cascais City Council staff to work from home. 

As part of the containment measures against #covid19, the Human Resources policy of the Cascais City Council is to create conditions to ensure that the largest possible number of its staff can work from home with 100% of its pay, and 100% of meal subsidy. This measure greatly diminishes the number of journeys to and from work for the next weeks.

For those who must be physically present at their place of employment, the following has been decided:

  • Staff meal rooms, canteens and bars: Chairs should be spaced out every two meters.  
  • Meals should be offered as take-away.
  • For staff with essential jobs safety conditions will be reinforced.



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