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Cascais Octopus

The Câmara Municipal de Cascais (Municipal Council of Cascais) has launched the brand “Polvo de Cascais” (Cascais Octopus), which certifies the octopus captured in county waters.

This initiative is aimed at motivating the consumption of a local product. For Cascais, this mobilisation will bring economic (through the possible increase in the sale of octopus and the dynamisation of the local economy linked to fishing) and social benefits (as it will help fight unemployment among the fishing population of the county). Consequently, it is a way to generate added value to the national economy.

Octopus: the specie most captured in Cascais
Octopus is the specie most fished in the county waters of Cascais: in 2009 it represented about 43% of the volume of fish unloaded in the Cascais fish auction, and in 2010, approximately 110 tons of octopus were unloaded in this fish auction, reaching an average price of sale of 3.64 euros per kilo.
Currently, 91% of vessels registered in the county are dedicated to the capture of octopus, with this specie being a major source of income for the local fishing population. The fishing of octopus from Cascais is further distinguished because it still uses a traditional method, resulting in a high quality product.
“Polvo de Cascais” (Cascais Octopus) with its own label
In order to personalise the brand and facilitate its recognition by consumers, a label was developed for “Polvo de Cascais” (Cascais Octopus). Only the octopus unloaded in the Cascais fish auction receives this label, which guarantees that the quality of the specie is verified and certified before it hits the market.

The brand was also associated to the campaign “Compro o que é nosso” (I buy what is ours) (an initiative which is aimed at motivating consumers to buying products which generate added value in Portugal, creating awareness of the economic and social benefits of this behaviour, such as an increase in the GDP, reduction in unemployment, commercial balance, dynamisation of the economy, among other advantages). Through this, the municipality aims to increase the sale value of the Cascais octopus, a specie which is completely fished and sold in national territory, associating it to a logo  (“Compro o que é nosso” ((I buy what is ours)) which is easily recognised by the public.
The initiative has the support of the Associação de Profissionais da Pesca de Cascais (Cascais Professional Fishermen’s Association) and the Associação de Armadores e Pescadores de Cascais (Cascais Shipowners and Fishermen’s Association).

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