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APP inovadora, o CITY POINTS CASCAIS visa promover boas práticas de cidadania e reconhecer os cidadãos, ou super-cidadãos, que contribuem ativamente para a sustentabilidade local.

Inovative APP, CITY POINTS CASCAIS aims to promote citizenship best pratices as well to recognize citizens, or as we refer to them, supercitizens, that is to say, people whose actions are an active contribute to local sustainability,

Inspired in gamification CITY POINTS CASCAIS allows citizens to gather points by acomplishing some predefined actions. A certain number of point can, afterwards be exchanged for vouchers for goods or services provided for diferent organizations or municipality services.

How to win points? Available on the APP, the list of point wining actions is frequently updated. At this moment, for example, one can win points by:

- Recycle beverage packaging (plastic, glass and tin) in one of the 10 machines installed in supermarkets in the county (NEW)
- Donating blood– Adopting a pet
– Using public transports
– Volunteering
– Exchanging school books
– ...

What is citizenship actions worth? Actions are rewarded in the areas of environment, citizenship, social responsibility and sustainable mobility. For example, points can be exchanged for:
– Organic products for sale in Quinta do Pisão
- Concert & Show Tickets
- Entrances in cultural facilities
- Nature activities in several locations
– ... 


As new partners join CITY POINTS CASCAIS, other products and services will become available. Cascais is the first county to use the application, but it is intended that other municipalities will join the system, which will enable synergies and expand the network of opportunities for citizens.

Developed by CMC in partnership with InnoWave Technologies, APP is now available in Android and IOS versions. Just download (Google Play here or App Store here), log in and start becoming a supercitizen!

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